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Here are some of the comments from carers who attended our 1-day programmes during 2018 and 2019

Reflections from previous participants

"I was quite amazed how Mindfulness helped my body so much"


"Thank you so much. This course has really helped me to manage my depression and anxiety"


"I really feel that I now have some tools I can build into my life, and understanding the need to ‘empty my box’ will benefit my family"


"Well done - help as many carers as you can!"


"I really enjoyed the programme and felt privileged to take part"


"Feeling spoilt – time for me, being acknowledged and seen as a person not just a carer, beautiful setting and skilful facilitation"


"Feeling heard, being with others in same situation, learning practical skills"


"Not feeling guilty about taking time for myself"


"People understanding that caring is something we do not who we are"

"It can be difficult to accept help and attention and the day helped me to take something for me"

"I came away feeling really relaxed and actually happy"

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