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Please note, these are currently replaced by our online programmes.


We hope to run some face-to-face retreats again in future and will update this site accordingly.


We have developed our One-Day Retreat programme to help Carers create and maintain an internal space for self-care.

The work on the day focuses on the following themes:

  • What mindfulness is and how it can benefit you as a Carer

  • How to create opportunities for mindful moments, even in the tightest schedule

  • Different styles of mindfulness practice to suit different practitioners

  • The value of self-care as a Carer

  • Managing difficult emotions

Our retreats are held in comfortable spaces, in venues chosen by our organisers. All costs are covered by the charity.

We keep the size of each group of participants to ten or fewer, in order to help everyone to listen and be heard.


​Snacks and lunch are provided, and travel to and from the venue can be arranged for participants as required.

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