Claire Genkai Breeze

Sally Bogle


Claire Genkai Breeze

Claire Genkai is a Zen Buddhist, a founding Trustee of The Mindful Life, and a middle aged dog owning woman. She is passionately concerned with people having access to tools and methods that reduce stress and increase resilience.

Sally Bogle

Sally's had a mindfulness practice since 2009 and appreciates the sense of calm it's brought into her life. She's a Trustee of the charity and has been involved with The Mindful Life from the beginning. She's also a coach and facilitator, wife, mum, and (another) devoted dog lover.

Nick Mabey

Nick got introduced to mindfulness meditation in 2009, and realised it worked when he started to sleep better. He's been involved in The Mindful Life since the start and is a Trustee of the charity. Elsewhere, he works in business as a coach and facilitator.

Penny Cooke

Penny has been practising mindfulness since 2010. She is a coach and facilitator. When not working, she likes to walk, go to classes at the gym, and spend lots of time on the allotment. She loves to spend time with her grandchildren.

Francine Russell

Francine has had a mindfulness practice since 2012. She runs a food consultancy focused on delivering training in health and wellbeing related to food. She has a passion for sourdough baking. She loves music, particularly funk and soul, and sometimes DJs. She recently qualified as a coach.

Jackie Westaway

Jackie has been practising mindfulness for eight years, and enjoys combining it with her yoga.

Laurie Walters

Laurie harbours a (maybe not so) secret dream of living out her days as a non-denominational anchorite with a fine view of the sea from a West Dorset hillside. On the way, she does what she can to support herself and others in reconnecting as often as possible with peace and simplicity and fresh local produce.

Alex Parsons

Alex is a parent carer to kids with ASC, a dad to fantastic humans, a practicer of mindfulness, and a practitioner of hypnotherapy. 

Clare Southall

Clare is an organisational change consultant and coach. She was first introduced to mindfulness and its benefits in 2009 and had a rather inconsistent practice for a number of years after that, never quite getting to grips with what was needed! However, since becoming a member of the Mindful Life in the autumn of 2017 she has committed to practice and now has a regular routine, finding it very helpful for emotional self-regulation, the relieving of stress and for a good night's sleep.

She has three children. Her youngest daughter is autistic with a range of special needs, which makes the charity's focus on supporting adult Carers particularly meaningful. She also has three fostered donkeys, a species well known for their approachability and gentle support for people. 

Sally Bonneywell

Sally is an experienced coach, and really loves supporting people to find their own voice, to make their own decisions and wake up to their lives. She's delighted to be part of this initiative, as it has at its core how to enable Carers to look after themselves using mindfulness in very practical and useful ways. 

So worthwhile and the people are fab!

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